Left It for Everything

by High Rise

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Luke M
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Luke M Reminiscent of Story of the Year's "Black Swan" sound and themes, touched up with the rougher, angrier and heavier elements of metalcore and melodic hardcore. Favorite track: Reborn.
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released July 6, 2016

Written by Jovic Staddon, Tom Thain, Ricky Gurung, Ryan Beckett, Sammy Christou

Recorded and produced at Avenue Studios by Daniel Kerr



all rights reserved


High Rise London, UK

High Rise are a five piece band from South West London, formed in 2010 with an early backlog of fifty shows in the first four months and a sold out headline show in the first month, We then took an indefinite hiatus in 2012. Now High Rise are back and ready to take it to the next level in 2014, armed with a new line-up, High Rise are set and ready to play around the UK, Europe and more.... ... more

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Track Name: Hands Untied
How can we stand by and just watch this world die
Have we accepted this is the end?
Our hands are stained but they’re not tied
We can break through their shield of lies

Will we read between the lines
Or just turn back and hide your face from what stands in our way
This lesson must be learnt before we lose our Earth.
Can we afford to risk it all?

We are wasting away.

The weight of this fucking world is a weight on my fucking chest
A big weight on my shoulders NOW

We'll never know where we will fall, we're always looking up
And we will never learn to see all the reasons why


Look up, what do you see? You see the fairies and not just me
We will keep on going, we will keep on going

We will try, we will rise. We won’t lie, she won’t die

The pressure we face is beyond this stature
Beyond the grave we lay in this disaster NOW
Track Name: Piece by Piece
We are the high flyers at the pinnacle of our youth
With wings of wax, we could come crashing down
At any time in any place
We run aground, we will start again

We will learn from the history that we are making for ourselves
Piece by piece it falls together, time and time again

It comes around, we're running in circles
We rebuild from the pieces
It starts again, we rise from the ashes
It could fall but that’s the risk we take

But that's the way it is

Picking ourselves up from the wreckage of all the things that we’ve done wrong
Realise we don’t need these lies, we just need a chance to survive

We find our way to where we want to be, through all the troubles in our path
On the shoulders of giants we see, further we have ever before

We don't need these damn lies, we see through your disguise
Track Name: Reborn
This is a revolution over the other side
How we have all connected, this is our fucking tribe
We drag the dirt you left us, through streets paved with coal
This kingdom will not prosper, you will never take us alive

We take it back to when we were young to realise what we have become
The promises you break lead us to the choices that we make

We rebuild our foundations into this tainted stone
We cannot forgive you for this moment in time
We speak towards our future bloodlines
And we will make this our own JUSTICE

This was the way. Yeah!

And we escape, we escape the grave before we get left behind
We must make our stand and fight for what is right
We will take this goal and smite those on this pay role
We won’t let this be it must be easy to see, easy to see

We will keep on fighting as we did before

We will fight for freedom and nothing more
We will keep on fighting as we did before
We will fight for freedom we are reborn
Track Name: L.I.F.E.
We are leaving everything behind
We wouldn’t last one more day
Everything is smothering me
It's too much for us to deal with

We are only asking
We just need one more chance
to succeed in this cruel world
Something will happen next time around

This all starts to show and we are stuck right here
Waiting for light to come, waking up to reality

We are pushing forward
And giving a chance to our lives
This wasn't fair, what they did to us
But we are stronger now

We are here with love in our hearts
We just want this to work for us
We have our moments of compassion
We will not run we will not run

We will not run away we are pushing forward
Track Name: Vultures
I work a nine to five, I am so sick of this life
It isn't over yet

Crowded streets and empty faces looking through the same old places
We all leave different traces on our path through this
What more can I say, there's nothing we do anyway
So what's the point in wasting all our times?

They’re just the enemy
Why do we let them through, this doesn’t mean shit to you
So why do you bother us? Let us run we are one

And I know we are suffering underneath oppressive greed
In This land of vultures we all must learn to stand our ground

The enemy is someone we don't trust
They are just vultures scouting in the rough
We always try our best to push them from on top of us
This isn't what we had wished for

We will try and work together

We are one

This is never gonna be the same, stuff this we knew this anyway
This is never gonna pay our way, but we will live another day